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LIFE Becomes YOU is for weight loss surgery patients and others who are seeking freedom from a chronic weight condition, who know that there is a psychological, mental, or emotional piece that is keeping you from living your insane success story. Still, you have not found an effective solution you can live with. 

LIFE Becomes YOU solves the missing piece to achieving successful weight loss for life.  

Our mission is to share The Missing Peace to make conquering the F.A.T. Mind, living an insane success story, and becoming one who has nothing to lose, easy, fun, and a lot less lonely

Together, we are experiencing a new normal and creating a new status quo.

Suffering, sacrifice, and failure are so 20th Century! 

There is a powerful, peaceful solution, and it's here now. 

"LIFE Becomes YOU provides  The Missing Peace as an answer to solve the puzzle we have all been waiting... and weighting- for an end to the maddening cycle of failure, self-sabotage, and weight regain. We want the peace of a powerful solution.  

The Missing Peace is uniquely designed to help us cultivate the foundational life skills and practices of someone who does not have a weight problem. We now have an option to be FREE of our F.A.T. Mind framing us! 

 Becomes YOU is for those who are tired of failing or tired of being afraid of failing after we experience success.

Perhaps you have had Weight Loss Surgery, as I have, and yet The F.A.T. Mind is still trying to frame you. LIFE
 Becomes YOU is The Missing Peace to have a life and eat too! 

We know what it takes to conquer the F.A.T. Mind.  We live it. LIFE Becomes YOU is committed to leading and building a membership of people who want to walk together on this life journey, living The Missing Peace and discovering LIFE Becomes YOU.

When you are ready, we are here for you.

~ Susan Gammon, MSW, CEO & Founder of               LIFE Becomes YOU, LLC

I was in Susan Gammon’s first class and it made a significant improvement in my life. I thought it was going to be a weight loss program, but it turned out to be a “way of life” program. Susan’s own story is compelling, inspirational and motivational. She truly “walks her talk.” I would highly recommend it to anyone wishing to make a change of any kind in their life. -Kathy Hussey

Susan has put together a well thought out and personally tested program that, if followed, is life-changing!
I personally learned that I am NOT broken and I do NOT need to be fixed... [I]f you allow it, Susan's program will teach you how to transform your own life. -Mary P.